Our beta program will be launched on Q1 2024.
Be part of it.

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towards a more sustainable future for all and the planet.

We offer you to team up with local producers in Africa to make a social and environmental impact.

Together, we can make a positive change.

We are a CollabTech company.

Whether you are a consumer or a brand, our mission is to support you and the farmers at the first mile of your product's value chain.

We have created an app to bring you and the farmers together.

We connect you with local producers at the first mile of the chain value of the products you buy. You can support them with tips.


Join responsible consumers.

You're the real decision-maker! Our mission is to provide you with the tools to make smart consumer choices.


Promote sustainability by connecting people.

You're the connection point between responsible consumers and farmers.


Be at the forefront of responsible consumption.

Share your know-how, and how you protect our planet.

“I love the idea of being able to connect with the people at the origin of a product.”

Paris, France

Since I have confidence in where the money is going, this app is a great way to help people.”


It is meaningful to be able to see the farmers’ goals and make an impact on their life.

Does [ChooZ] take a percentage of the tips?
No, the farmers directly receive your tip on their smartphone. We do not receive a commission on your generosity. Only the payment providers (ie Google Pay) apply fees on transactions; we will do our best to limit these fees as much as possible.
How am I sure the profiles are real farmers?
To appear on the app, farmers must be an employee or supplier of an identified entity in the value chain. Therefore, their profiles must be approved before being displayed on the app directory.
How and when can I join the beta program as a user?
For now, you can leave us your details. In October 2023, we will send out an invitation to start using the app.
How do I give a tip to the farmers?
Through the app, you can see the farmers’ profiles and give a tip directly to their mobile money account through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Lydia, etc.
What is the relationship between the businesses, brands, and farmers?
The brands receive their resources (such as Vanilla) from the businesses, who employ the farmers. The people you see on the app are the farmers, the people directly at the origin of the product.
How can I see what brands participate with [ChooZ]?
Through the application, you can access the brands that participate in our project. This way, you can continue to buy ethically!